Trump will Waffen bewaffnen, damit sie sich dagegen wehren können, bei Amokläufen benutzt zu werden (Trump wants to arm weapons so they can resist being used in gunfire)

Dienstag, 6. August 2019

Washington – Following recent killings of over 30 people, the US is again discussing policies to prevent such disasters in the future. Now Donald Trump has also presented a proposed solution: The US President wants arms to be armed, so that they can in the future refuse to be used by mentally ill perpetrators in gun lounging.

“Weapons are the real victims of rampages,” the president said in a speech to traumatized relatives. “Because they are usually at the mercy of the perpetrators helpless and forced to kill them.”

The only way to end rampage early, it is therefore weapons to arm. “They can intervene earlier than armed security or police and prevent worse, because they are practically from the first shot on the ground.” Trump chuckles: “Imagine how stupid a gunman looks out of the wash when his own weapon opens fire on him.”

The shares of several weapons manufacturers rose rapidly after the demand of the US president. No wonder – in the future, every manufactured weapon must be armed with an additional weapon.
In addition, the weapons producers tinker with appropriate software that can detect a weapon when it is abused for a rampage, and tells her from when she may shoot at her shooter.

The NRA arms lobby welcomed the intention of the US president. “We support Donald Trump’s move – not least because we told him to suggest it,” says a press release.

Shortly after the NRA statement, both Republicans and large sections of the Democrats agreed to pass a law. In addition, the second amendment to the US Constitution is to be expanded to include an additional article granting arms the right to bear arms.

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