Age of the 5th Sun — Aztec Mythology


We discuss the implications of Christian and Muslim mythology, and whether or not it should be okay to organize our society in line with the principles quite a bit.

Well… here’s a far more terrifying mythos to contemplate.  Spare me 10 minutes of your time, as we consider… the Aztec creation tale.

The tale of the 5th Sun

So… too keep the sun happy, have good, and keep this age of man going… we must shed blood, and provide hearts!

My questions to you:

(1) How liberal are you on the “Personal Freedom of Religion” question, and would you let Aztec re-creation practitioners set up shop in your locale? We let Celtic, Nordic and Greek re-creators practice under the auspice of ‘freedom of religion’ after all.

(2) Do you think this might be a more sensible pantheon to offer “thoughts and prayers” to in the event of a mass shooting. “Well, sure murder and slaughter may seem, but remember it helps the sun rise and the corn grow, and is essential to our way of life!”

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