Victoria’s Secret Accused Of Promoting Unattainable Beauty Standards With New 3-Cup Bra

NEW YORK—Panning the new line of intimates as “overtly harmful to women’s self-esteem,” critics unanimously accused lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret of promoting unattainable beauty standards Friday with the release of their new 3-cup bra. “Women will see the Triple Sexy Body By Victoria and think they are somehow 33% ‘less than’ or basically not good enough because they don’t look like the models in the ads—when, in reality, the average North American woman has only two breasts,” wrote fashion and culture blogger Sara Esparza in her scathing review of the new bra, which has been the target of harsh criticism for perpetuating unrealistic body types with its lifting and enhancing triple-cup design. “It’s unrealistic, even before we get into the strapless versions. Imagine an impressionable 12-year-old girl seeing these and developing a lifelong inferiority complex, or worse, a preoccupation with attaining three perfect breasts. It’s not a stretch to assume some will resort to surgery to achieve this look. Yes, the extra cleavage looks incredible and the bra really adds a nice lift, but it also sends the message to young girls that they can have three breasts, all exactly the same size.” Overwhelming demand for the Triple Sexy Body By Victoria has prompted the company to begin designs for a new double-crotched panty set.

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