The New Left: Violent, Weak, Juvenile, Cowards

The Democratic Party of JFK is gone. The days of American civil discourse are over. In their place has risen a disturbing tide of violence and cowardice. Of child-like tantrums in the face of disappointment. Harassing, threatening, and attacking anyone who dares to disagree with them. This is the new left. A collection of violent, weak, juvenile, cowards.

One would think that a party that calls themselves the ‘Democrats’ would be able to handle democracy. You would hope that when, inevitably in a democratic society, a vote, an election, did not go their way, adults would act like adults. Yet such is not the case with the new left. When, following President Trump’s election, supposed adults gathered to literally scream at the sky, yes, the sky, that, however juvenile an action, would be the end of it. You could make sure they are not a school bus driver, then simply laugh at them. But this is the new left. A new left armed with Anitfa, antagonizing politicians, and an apologist and leftist media. This is the new left. Violent, weak, juvenile, cowards.


This is a new world we are living in, one with a new left in this country. Violent, weak, members of Antifa, attacking and threatening anyone that they disagree with, provided that they can find them alone, isolate them, and attack 15 on 1 like true cowards. Democrat politicians calling for harassment and violence to further their democratically rejected agendas. A leftist media freely fanning the flames of hate and violence. The Democrats claim that they want to re-capture this country from Trump. They should begin by trying to re-capture their own party from what it has become. The new left. Violent, weak, juvenile, cowards.

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