Have you been misled?

Virtually everyone the world over knows of Dr. Albert Einstein (1879-1955).  Renowned physicist, wild-haired old man, author of the famous E=mc2 formula… and, who was named Time Magazine’s “Person of the Century – Dec. 31, 1999.”  Wow, that’s some accolade!

As often is the case, over time, the media has had quite a field day with the curious Einstein; most notably, their charge of “atheist.” But how much do you personally know about this famous man, regarding his beliefs?

Challenge: Off the top of your head, what do you know about Albert Einstein, regarding his philosophical and religious beliefs?  Bullet point and get ready to post your list with as many items as you can come up with.

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Now that you have your list, click on the URL link included here and see how that Wikipedia information compares to your list.  Were you surprised at anything there?  Do you wish to challenge anything?  And if so, please cite your data source.

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Just_PrimalSoup (aka Susan)

Article URL : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_and_philosophical_views_of_Albert_Einstein

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