Is Carlos Maza, Vlogger Who Tried to Get Steven Crowder Kicked Off YouTube, Leaving Vox?

Last June I told you about the dispute between conservative pundit and comedian Steven Crowder and a vlogger named Carlos Maza. Crowder made some mean jokes about Maza on his podcast, and Maza did not appreciate being mocked. Oh no, he did not like it one bit.

Maza threw a fit and, using the Vox resources at his disposal, managed to get Crowder’s YouTube channel demonetized. But Maza didn’t get Crowder kicked off the platform. He didn’t silence Crowder. He failed.

I can’t imagine how painful that must’ve been for poor Carlos. Can you even fathom the agony of really wanting somebody to shut up, and then not getting your way? This is America!

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