Objective Morality Revisited

I was, until recently, of the opinion that morality can’t be objective. A fellow ape (no name calling in an OP, but I’m grateful) made me rethink by asking how I could judge someone to be immoral if there was no objective morality.

Morality can be defined as living by a set of rules. And even if the rules are arbitrary, breaking them is always immoral. So, hypocrisy can be said to be objectively immoral.

Going one step further one can say that equality is an objective moral tenet. For treating people differently without a moral reason is hypocritical.


(1) Do you agree that hypocrisy is objectively immoral?

(2) Do you agree that therefore equality is an objective moral tenet?

(3) Can you think of other moral tenets that can be logically derived from the definition of morality?

(4) Can you think of other objective moral tenets? Why are they objective?

(5) Is objective morality (as depicted) part of your religion? How is it defined/described?

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