12 Years Left Due To Climate Change? Obama Says ‘Screw It’ And Buys Oceanfront Mega-Mansion.

President Barack Hussein Obama took one look at the impending apocalypse due to climate change touted by AOC, every Democratic front runner, and his party’s former presidential nominee Al Gore. Then he took another at oceanfront property being sold at a whopping $15 million and said, “Let’s roll the dice.” It was announced yesterday that President Obama purchased a luxurious summer home in Martha’s Vineyard, despite the leftist notion the planet only has 12 years left until the point of no return.

Here are the details from TMZ:

Article URL : https://townhall.com/tipsheet/timothymeads/2019/08/23/with-12-years-left-on-earth-due-to-climate-change-obama-says-screw-it-and-buys-oceanfront-property-n2552102

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