Unwanted teen pregnancy… is it even fixable?

We’ve all certainly seen this movie before.  Here’s the usual chain of events:

  • Young girl (teen) experiences unwanted pregnancy, due to unprotected sexual encounter(s)
  • Young boy (teen or man) who did the impregnating moves on to next unprotected sexual encounter(s)
  • Pro-life religious conservatives (i.e., basically republicans) are happy because girl decides to have the baby, rather than get an abortion
  • Young girl with no work skills or access to money needs financial help to raise baby
  • Young girl receives monthly welfare check, WIC assistance, help with baby’s medical needs, other government subsidies
  • Pro-life religious conservative experience righteous indignation, finding it perturbing that the teen mother who birthed her baby (a good thing) continues to take from the system (a bad thing), never having contributed anything to it
  • Pro-life conservative lawmakers cut budgets for such safety net programs for single mothers

Yeah, a lot there and things are never as simple as stated.  But let’s, in general, analyze this scenario.

First, state the perspective from which you’re coming. E.g. I am a pro-life theist republican conservative; I am a pro-choice atheist democratic liberal; or any such combinations in between. (Mix and match as to how you see yourself, religiously and politically.)

Then, answer the following:

  1. At what point did things “go wrong” in the pregnancy scenario? Or is there even “a problem?”
  2. Is there any “blame” to be laid somewhere in this scenario? If so, where/who?
  3. Are pro-life conservative republicans hypocritical, advocating for the birth of the baby, but rejecting the idea of financial assistance once it’s born?
  4. And, most importantly, is there some permanent fix to this scenario?

Thank you for commenting and recommending.

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