The hardest Trump story for the press to cover: His fitness for the job

More erratic, more often.

I spent the week talking with major media figures at networks and newspapers. And that was the consensus: President Trump’s behavior is getting worse in type and in frequency. It seems he’s acting more erratic more often. Calling Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell an enemy and comparing him to the communist leader of China — sending the markets into a free fall — is one of the most recent examples.
This raises a question: Are members of the news media tiptoeing around obvious questions about Trump’s instability? What do the daily lies, distortions and contradictions add up to?
This is a story that’s playing out every day on our TV screens and Twitter feeds. We can all see it happening, but it’s a very hard and very sensitive story to cover.
Some prominent figures, including the husband of counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, are pleading with the press to take this story more seriously. On Friday, George Conway said Trump is “decomposing” before our very eyes.
“Republicans need to face the fact that the president is mentally unstable and psychologically unfit,” he wrote.
Conway’s Twitter feed is practically devoted to this subject. On Saturday, Conway critiqued an editorial in the Wall Street Journal assailing Trump’s trade war tactics by saying the paper elided a question “more fundamental than that of the trade war: What does Trump’s irrational rage tweet against Powell say about Trump’s mental stability and fitness? The elephant is there, in the room, sitting on the couch, making itself at home.”

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