These parents’ brilliant plan to protect their kids from fascist protestors should spread nationwide

The Proud Boys is protesting an all-ages drag show in Colorado, but adults are stepping in to protect the kids, but parents have come up with an ingenious solution to shield the children from the fascists.

Charles Rozanski owns Mile High Comics in Denver. He started a monthly drag show called Drag For All Ages that raises money for a scholarship fund.

Rozanski wrote in the store’s newsletter that the drag show was getting protested by “a very raucous mob of 18-20 homophobic protestors.” He wrote on Facebook that several of the protestors had shields that said “Proud Boys.”

“Their militaristic attire, and the masks and hoods of several other protestors, absolutely appeared to be threatening,” he wrote.

The Proud Boys are a hate group that encourages violence among its members. Last year they were caught beating up leftwing protestors while calling one a “fa**ot” – several members of the group were prosecuted for their involvement in that attack.

The group also organizes far-right rallies in Oregon where white supremacist groups show up. Their members have also been arrested in that state for violent crimes.

The protestors were shouting “that our allowing our young people to perform in a Family-friendly drag show constituted child abuse.”

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