New Hampshire governor rules woman can keep ‘PB4WEGO’ vanity license plate despite state’s recall

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) said on Wednesday that a driver in his state can keep her “PB4WEGO” vanity license plate, overruling the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

On Aug. 16, Wendy Auger received a letter from the state asking her to surrender her plate — which she’s reportedly had for 15 years with no issues — because it includes a phrase that relates to “sexual or excretory acts or functions” in violation of the state’s codes.

“PB4WEGO” is a shortened version of “pee before we go” — a phrase parents often tell their kids before getting in the car for a road trip.

New Hampshire told Auger she had 10 days to give up her plate and was given the choice of picking another vanity plate for free or getting a random sequence assigned, according to CNN. Auger filed an appeal for the recall, arguing free speech, local outlet Seacoast Online reports.

“Who has a mom or dad or parental figure who hasn’t said that to kids before leaving the house?” Auger told Seacoast Online. “I’m not the type to sit here with a picket, but come on.”

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