Man in a MAGA hat gets punched in Portland and plays victim, but his story is full of holes

Portland media reported Sunday that two bar patrons were arrested after a confrontation with MAGA-hat wearing Luke Lenzner the Trump supporter with a black eye—but his story continues to fall apart. Lenzner told KPTV that he was out having a nice calm evening on a date night with his wife, when everybody suddenly started being mean to him, just because he was wearing a MAGA hat. Things escalated from verbal to physical when the couple went outside, according to Lenzner: “I got mobbed by everybody that was in that bar outside. People came from the inside out—just circled me and my wife.”

An affidavit says that Lenzner’s wife told her husband to wear the hat around to a bunch of bars, in order to see how people responded. That’s a classic MAGAdatenight-type of activity. At the time, Mr. MAGAmushybrain told KATU that “We have never felt so much hate in Portland as long as we lived here it [sic] really sad that people think they can harass people because of a hate there’s so much hate in this city and it’s sad.” According to that same affidavit, Okuneye said that Lenzner came out of the bar and yelled, “B—- do you like my hat?” She said she was pulled away, and did not know who punched Mr. MAGAafterhours.

Then, on Tuesday, new footage appeared showing Lenzner in a yelling match with patrons at a different bar, The Vern, just a couple of hours before he got a black eye at Growlers. In the video, Mr. MAGAdranktoomuch screams, “You live in America, right? I serve for fucking you!” Mr. MAGAuniverse is then calmly asked to leave. The bar employee even says “please.”


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