Sunrise Movement activist warns 2020 could be ‘last best chance’ to combat climate change

An activist at the Sunrise Movement, a youth-led climate group, is warning that the U.S. has little time to get ahead of climate change and calling the 2020 vote pivotal.

“We’re totally past the point — we have 11 years to radically transform every sector of our economy and the 2020 election is the last best chance to elect a president that will be able to do that, meaningfully,” Lauren Maunus, a policy and political coordinator for the group, told Hill.TV during an interview Thursday.

Maunus added that she was disappointed with the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) decision to not hold a debate focused on climate, but said the activist group will continue to advocate for the issue on a national scale.

“We’re really shifting the ground under their feet,” she said of the DNC. “We’ll continue organizing by the millions.”

Maunus’s comments come after the DNC voted down a resolution that would allow Democratic presidential hopefuls to take part in a standalone climate debate.

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