The Group Raising An NRA-Style ‘Army Of Environmental Super Voters’ Is Expanding

A year before the 2018 elections, Nathaniel Stinnett vowed to raise an “army of environmental super voters” to rival the National Rifle Association.

His nonpartisan Environmental Voter Project ultimately persuaded 58,961 eco-conscious voters in six states  ― Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada and Pennsylvania ― to cast ballots for the first time last year.

Now, ahead of the 2020 election, Stinnett is doubling his effort, targeting millions of untapped voters and adding six new battleground states: Arizona, Virginia, New Mexico, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Maine.

“We’re not going to let a single environmentalist stay home on Election Day,” Stinnett said.

To identify voters, the four-year-old Environmental Voter Project builds profiles based on the kind of demographic and behavioral data advertisers use, then runs a series of polls to verify the data and determine how likely voters are to list environmental issues as their political priority. It then runs the profiles through an algorithm that scores voters based on how likely they are to be “super environmentalists.” Finally, the group weeds out people whose public voting records show they turn out for most elections.

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