Hurricane Hysteria Season

Hurricane season actually spans two seasons, summer and fall, beginning June 1 and ending November 30. We are well into the 2019 season with Hurricane Dorian bearing down on mainland US at the time of this writing.

Given the left’s penchant for turning normal everyday events into something political, former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell was “rooting” for this current hurricane to hit President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. If I watched CNN, I might have seen a panel of Trump haters discussing this delicious possibility.

Predictably stories appeared tying the hurricane to climate change, with the familiar warning, “Global warming, like Hurricane Dorian, is real. We need to deal with both while there is still time.”

It’s funny how the clock is always running out on doing something before it’s too late. Al Gore, in 2006, predicted that in ten years we would pass “a point of no return.”

Rep Alexandria Occasional-Cortex recently reset the clock to 12 years, giving us another decade to get it right with global warming. Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang respectfully disagrees with AOC, saying it’s already “too late” and that Americans should move to higher ground.

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