Media Mute After 7th Illegal Arrested For Rape Since July In Sanctuary County

Montgomery County, Maryland’s liberal leaders are defending their lax treatment of illegal immigrant crime, after ICE revealed that seven illegal immigrants have been arrested for sexual assault or rape charges in the past six weeks, alone. Unbelievably, the networks could find no time at all to cover even one of the stories of children being assaulted in completely preventable crimes.

Friday, local Maryland reporter WJLA’s Kevin Lewis reported there’s been at least seven “undocumented” arrested in Mongtgomery County for rape, since late July. On his timeline, he described some of the disgusting details of these horrific crimes, against victims as young as 11 years old:..


Imagine what would happen if the networks could muster up even half the emotional energy they spend on school shootings for these children victimized by a preventable crime.

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