Snowflake Alert: Writer Says Stop Wearing Red Hats Because They Trigger Her And Scare People

Twitter is the place to drop an A-bomb like this. If this is serious, then this person needs help. If she wanted to get ratioed, mocked, and create a ruckus, then she certainly succeeded. Apparently, wearing red baseball caps is a triggering experience for Rebecca Makkai and she warned that it scares other people. Even baseball caps that aren’t political are not worth wearing because they trigger liberal America. I mean this is just weakness. And people wonder why the far left isn’t taken seriously and seen as antithetical to liberal democracy. According to them, you can’t say certain things—they have speech codes—and you can’t even wear certain things. That’s not American. If you have a problem with someone wearing a Make America Great Again hat, that’s your problem. This isn’t an emergency. There are no laws being broken. So, good patriots, wear those MAGA hats with pride because this is just un-serious in the extreme.


Luckily, my MAGA hat is white.

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