2020 US Election: BNR “eat my hat” wager board

In 2016, I, Sir Tainley, had to eat my hat.

I was a regular poster at Bloomberg News at the time, and I made the wrong prediction about who would win. I said it would be Hillary. So I swallowed my pride, and a whole lot of felt, and a fedora I thought was much more stylish than it probably was.

So… 2020 is bearing down on us… and with it an election, and people are starting to make predictions…

I predict: Trump will either lose, or not run in the election. If Trump wins re-election as President of the United States… I will eat my hat. (Well, for health purposes, probably a hat-shaped cake)

So… let’s make this a board-wide challenge. If Trump wins… or loses… will you eat your hat?

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