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So… I ended my time on Disqus central talking about how I adopted a character for my time there; it was one that many felt was inspired by hatred but nothing could be further from the truth.  I’m going to try to be more like me in real life here, though, for what it’s worth.

Oftentimes there were semantic arguments, which I find frustrating and a waste of everybody’s time.  Trouble is, nobody can even agree on what “Christian” or “atheist” even mean; today, then, I’m going to try to avoid those overloaded terms and define my own:

YHWHism: The worship of the entity described in the Pentateuch.

Anti-YHWHism: The philosophical position that YHWH worship causes much harm and no (or next to no) good.

It is my observation that YHWHism at its core holds that humanity offends the creator of the universe when it “sins”; in extremist cases (although statistics suggest that it’s quite common) the YHWHist believes that the extent of the offensiveness of humanity’s inherent propensity to sin is such as to warrant the prospect of infinite, agonizing punishment.

The YHWHist, too, is oft wont to describe their particular cult as being “all about love” or “all about doing good” and I, for one, am inclined to trust their sincerity when they so assert… on the other hand, this is an assertion which I cannot be compelled to concede as true in any practical sense.  What does strike me, though, is that this defines the heart of the problem: YHWHism comes with a tendency towards a very primitive view of morality because it was invented in the Bronze Age.  I suggest that the biggest problem in the World today is not bad people seeking to do bad things, but good people attempting to good things whilst having reality-bending notions of what is good and what is bad.

Now I’ve mentioned what’s good and what’s bad… “ahha!” cries every apologist ever… “without YHWH’s great truthful commands, how can you know what’s good and what’s bad?”.  After I’ve put a salve on my sore forehead from an involuntary facepalm, I think a little deeper about what’s going on here… and I suppose that you would have to have a pretty stupid idea about human inability to know right from wrong without divine intervention embedded in your head in order that you could read the Old Testament and not recognize it for what it is: brutal Bronze Age superstition.

The Bible, which I will constantly criticize whilst the YHWHists continue to buy their children Bibles, is a thoroughly disgusting book; in it we learn about how bad humanity is: bad enough to be kicked out of Eden, bad enough to deserve death and pain, bad enough to cause their creator to wipe them all out save a few, bad enough to deserve curses and pestilence, bad enough to bring harm on their children for their nastiness, bad enough to deserve their creator instructing them to brutally murder each other based on tribal affiliation, to enslave each other and to torture each other to death in an attempt to clean up humanity’s filthy act, bad enough to need saving from YHWH’s wrath.  Furthermore, it puts men above women and criticizes homosexual acts in no uncertain terms (demanding public torture for both parties).

If you have but half your natural wits about you you will observe that genocide, slavery, torture, sexism, racism and homophobia are things that we in the modern World generally oppose; you will, too, oppose them, if you are a normal human being… that’s because the core of humanity is actually, contrary to YHWHist dogma, decent.

So… are you a YHWHist, an anti-YHWHist or neither?

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