What Russian Chatbots Think About Us

A Russian experiment with AI-powered chatbots yields surprisingly sophisticated conversations — and a warning.

We’re told that androids can dream of electric sheep. But what do chatbots think about humans? A group of Russian scientists decided to find out.

The Platforma Center for Social Projection, a private organization that specializes in sociological research, recently conducted the first survey of sophisticated Russian and foreign chatbots — voice assistants that use artificial intelligence to learn with and from the user.

Inspired by the many amusing YouTube videos that show chatbots arguing with each other, the Platforma researchers decided to do the same. They launched a set of bot interactions intended to draw out the chatbots’ “world view,” “value positions,” and “ideas about the future” — “in other words, the set of stereotypes that the neural network selects from the entire array of available information, responding to audience requests,” as they wrote.

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