Who’s the Target Audience?

We’ve been told that the bible was written in a very specific manner, so as to be easily understood by a very specific group of people, in a very specific time, and in a very specific place.  There were no other versions published.

Now any publication created with that level of precise demographic targeting in mind, will not be a useful cross-cultural, cross-temporal, or cross-continental document.  And yet, we are asked to believe that this finely tuned narrative, which plays to a very specific group of slave owning, animal sacrificing, tribal squabbling, polytheistic, witchcraft believers, is somehow relatable to all persons.  Regardless of culture, nation, or time period.  Why?

The apparent contradictions, ambiguity, and outright falsehoods of the bible have been explained away as a necessary result of this precise demographic targeting.  The target audience was in the neighborhood of 500,000 people.  That’s 0.0006% of the population today.

Why not a version for general readership?  Or multiple versions?  Why no updates for 2,000 years?

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