The Psychotic Left and the Trump Emergency

Psychosis: a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

From the moment Donald Trump descended that escalator in Trump Tower more than four years ago, a coalition of the political establishment, the left, and the media has demonstrated a willingness to spy on, attack, and defame this man to a degree once thought inconceivable. They have done so on the basis that Trump represents a unique threat to the republic. And now, to justify their unprecedented assault on a sitting president, they have upped the ante by slipping the e-word ever so surreptitiously into their messaging and talking points.

Emergency. Forget Hurricane Dorian. We’re talking about something far more serious: an emergency that threatens the very soul of the nation. One that transcends the lasting damage of mere extreme weather and even climate change denial.

The claim is simple, if deranged. And it is thoroughly indicative of the left’s one-step thinking: Trump threatens everything we hold dear, so we shall simply declare the duly elected president to be the equivalent of a natural disaster that was produced by forces beyond our control, and thus justify any and all measures required, ethical or not, legal or not, defensible or not, to combat this plague upon the land.


There is a word for this: psychosis. The leftists have become unglued, divorced from reality, so driven by hate and rage that they can no longer process information normally. Put in simplest terms, this means the psychotic left sees, hears, and believes things that aren’t real.

Exaggerating, am I? Consider just a trio of recent statements — and there are, of course, so many more — from once-respectable individuals, and ask yourself if any of this would have ever have been said of even conservative devils Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, or George W. Bush … and if the people who uttered them are in control of their faculties.

The Psychotic Left and the Trump Emergency
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