Man hurls urine at Broward prosecutor in courtroom

A Pembroke Pines man about to be sentenced in an attempted murder case excused himself to use the restroom and returned to the courtroom to hurl his own urine at the prosecutor on the case, according to a police report.

The incident took place late Wednesday afternoon in the courtroom of Broward Circuit Judge Susan Alspector, where defendant Albert Narvaez, 28, was convicted in March of attempted murder.

According to a Broward Sheriff’s Office report, Narvaez returned to the courtroom after using the restroom and “charged at” Assistant State Attorney Andy Newman, the prosecutor on the case. The report does not indicate how Narvaez carried the urine from the restroom to the courtroom.

“He lunged toward my table,” Newman said. “I saw a bottle of some kind in his hand. He screamed a profanity at me, and the liquid landed on the table and on my suit and clothing.”


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