CGI pictures of Jesus, Mary of Magdalene, Cleopatra and Meritamun

The first is Yeshua of Nazareth known as Jesus Christ.  Since long before his time his part of what we now call the Middle East was a heavily traveled crossroads between ancient empires from Egypt to Rome, Persia and Greece which naturally created a lot of race mixing which we see in his face.  When we look at historical records we find many interesting clues like the serious lice problem they countered by having short hair.  They incorporated everything from social to medical and legal societal aspects into what they called The Law which is why this key phrase is so pronounced in The Bible.  Being the son of devout believers Mary and Joseph, Yeshua also followed “The Law” which is evidenced in official Bible canon.

I could only fit one photo here so the rest are below in the discussion part.  Notice how Mary of Magdalene shows very similar features like the pronounced nose of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Yeshua’s appearance is very similar to Eqyptian Queen Meritamun.  No mystery really given the very close proximity of both peoples to each other.

Really fascinating to see into our past 2,000 years ago.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I have sharing this living history with you.  Peace be unto us all.  🙂

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