How to take politics beyond charges of racism



As this developmental crisis worsens, Democratic candidates for office continue to emphasize the issue of race as they troll for votes. These candidates’ only appeal to black voters is to talk about ending racial injustice, or to make pledges to provide more government services — free this, free that.

There is a glimmer of hope that some low-income blacks are beginning to wake up to the fact that they have no permanent friends or permanent enemies, just permanent issues. One overlooked example that there is a crack in the wall in the Democratic Party’s control over the black vote occurred in the last gubernatorial election in Florida. The contest was between Andrew Gillum, a black, former mayor of Tallahassee, and Ron Desantis, a white Republican who represented Florida’s 6th Congressional District in Congress.

Former President Obama and Oprah Winfrey both campaigned for Gillum. When the votes were counted, DeSantis won by just over 33,000 votes. What carried him to victory was the 100,000 black Democrats who split their vote and voted for the Republican. The reason for their switch? They voted their children’s interests over race and the appeals by two popular black celebrities. DeSantis supports school vouchers and that gives parents control over their children’s education.

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