Trump’s Real Opponent in 2020: The Liberal Media

The real opponent of President Donald Trump’s re-election has already taken the field. It isn’t Joe or Bernie or Liz or Kamala or any of the rest.

The real Trump opponent in 2020 is …the mainstream media.

In fact, the “Hate Trump Media” as Sean Hannity correctly labels it, or the Leftist State Media as I call it, never left the field after the 2016 election. It spent the first two-plus years of the Trump presidency insisting that Trump had colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal the election. Then, when the results of the Mueller probe were released – shock. There was no there, there. So without missing a beat, as revealed in the leaked transcript of that New York Times staff meeting, it was on to the next anti-Trump theme: Trump is a racist.

Today, the radicals are not only in control of the Democratic Party, they are in control of the media.

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