The Empty Tomb

We lost the late great Elvis Presley, in August of 1977.  After an attempted grave robbery, his body was reinterred in a more secure location in the month of October, 1977.  As far as we know, he has rested in peace since that time.

But what if we were to reopen his tomb today, and discover it to be empty?  Exactly what would an empty tomb prove?

It would prove that the tomb is empty.  That’s it.

An empty tomb would raise some questions however, which I have listed from most probable to least probable.

1 – Was his body actually reburied, or was it just an empty casket?

2 – Was the new tomb successfully robbed without anyone noticing?

3 – Was his body abducted by aliens?

4 – Was his zombified corpse able to escape the tomb?

5 – Was he the messiah? 




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