Trump is leaving a permanent mark

Updated 10:00 AM ET, Sun September 8, 2019

(CNN) Consider the Sharpie. The iconic, proudly permanent, marker, “born for unique, unruly, courageous, outrageous self-expression that never, ever fades from glory,” says its manufacturer. A tool that might have been expressly invented for President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Trump displayed a hurricane forecast map in the Oval Office. It appeared crudely altered as if with, say, a bold-tipped black marker, to back up his insistence, that Hurricane Dorian had presented a serious threat to Alabama, days after it had turned toward the East Coast.
“A Sharpie-writer forces others to pay closer attention,” noted Michael D’Antonio. “The tool that the White House selected — it is unclear whether or not Trump himself made the alteration — to make an impression seems to reveal more than Trump might have wanted. Like a grade-schooler’s attempt to turn a report card D into a B the line added to the weather map only drew more attention to the reality the scrawl was intended to cover-up. Ill-informed about the hurricane he was supposedly monitoring, our President offered not the truth but a forgery.”


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