What good comes from religion?

Often we debate the merits of the existence of gods. We debate the accuracy and value of doctrine like the bible.

Often, we are told, morals come from religion and to be religious means leading a better life.

My question today is this: What good does religion accomplish that can NOT be achieved through secular means?

We are told the religious donate to charity and help those in need. So do secular organizations

We are told the religious are more moral. Prisons are filled with the religious

We are told religions offer answers to questions we do not understand. But, those answers are guesses at best. The secular world actually provides answers based on evidence, not superstition

We are told there is a sense of community amongst the religious. That can be achieved through secular groups, as well.

We are told the religious want us to love one another equally. The secular world actually carries this out whilst the religious condemn people for being different

We are told to worship the gods. Why?

I cannot think of a single thing religions or gods accomplish that we cannot accomplish through secular means.

So, I ask,

  1. what is the purpose of religion?
  2. what does religion accomplish, the secular world cannot?
  3. why do people feel they need gods to tell them not to kill, rape or steal but the atheist knows this without the aid of gods?


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