Boris Johnson had a torrid week. Now he’s fighting to take back control

On a visit to Scotland late last week, Boris Johnson lost control of a bull — which duly barged into a member of his security detail.

It was an apt end to a hellish week.
The return of Parliament brought the new Prime Minister’s honeymoon period to a crashing and miserable end days earlier. In the space of 72 torrid hours, Johnson lost control of the parliamentary order paper; saw his majority wiped away and his bullish Brexit strategy rebuked by lawmakers; suffered the ignominy of his own brother quitting his administration; and failed in his attempt to secure a snap general election.
The storm extended into the weekend, with Johnson critic-turned-ally-turned-critic Amber Rudd resigning from his Cabinet and accusing him of an “assault on decency and democracy” after he culled the party of 21 members.
And now, with options dwindling, Johnson is primed for another weeklong battle.
Parliament returns Monday for a high-stakes final week before a lengthy recess begins, and with plenty of pressing matters on the docket. By Friday, the course of Brexit could be clearer — but the intervening period will be anything but calm.

The situation has fueled inevitable whispers: could Johnson knowingly ignore the decree, essentially breaking the law in order to take Britain out of the EU?

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