Amid wave of retirements, Trump calls for ending term limits for House GOP committee chairs



09/09/2019 08:43 AM EDT, Updated 09/09/2019 08:58 AM EDT

President Donald Trump on Monday called for House Republicans to abolish term limits for their congressional committee chairs, acknowledging potential “problems” with his proposal but insisting it could help curb a recent spate of retirements by GOP lawmakers.


“House Republicans should allow Chairs of Committees to remain for longer than 6 years. It forces great people, and real leaders, to leave after serving,” Trump tweeted. “The Dems have unlimited terms. While that has its own problems, it is a better way to go. Fewer people, in the end, will leave!”


Trump has advocated for term limits for members of Congress, but had not previously weighed in on caucus rules governing the amount of time Republican members can maintain plum assignments managing powerful committees.


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