Chicago murder victim testified against cousin’s accused killer in June

Chicago gun violence this weekend claimed the life of a young woman who only a few weeks ago testified against her cousin’s accused killer, according to reports.

Treja Kelley’s family suspect the 18-year-old’s murder may be connected to her testimony, which helped prosecutors obtain a conviction.

“I feel in my heart of hearts that that might be the case,” Kelley’s grandmother, Judy Fields, told the Chicago Sun-Times on Monday. “But we don’t know for sure.”

The pregnant Kelley was walking home from her job Sunday evening but never made it, FOX32 Chicago reported Tuesday.

Police say a man emerged from an alley and shot her multiple times, according to the station.

A jury heard Kelley testify in June against Deonte Davis, who was charged with killing Kelley’s 17-year-old cousin Christopher Fields in a 2016 drive-by shooting, prosecutors said Tuesday.


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