New York Times deletes tweet calling Mao Zedong ‘one of history’s great revolutionary figures’

The New York Times’ archive account deleted a tweet on Monday that posted their front page story reporting on Mao Zedong’s death in 1976.

The tweet said, “Mao Zedong died on this day in 1976: The Times said he ‘began as an obscure peasant’ and ‘died one of history’s great revolutionary figures.'” In a subsequent tweet, NYT Archives said their previous tweet about Zedong “lacked critical historical context…”

Many criticized the NYT Archives’ initial tweet for not mentioning how Zedong’s communist “Great Leap Forward” policies lead to the deaths of over 45 million people.

The deaths vastly outnumber those killed by the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin, where about 20 million people died in labor camps, forced collectivization that resulted in famines, and executions in purges. Under the regime of Adolf Hitler, 11 million were killed in the Holocaust.

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