Personalized ‘Trump’ brick removed in New Smyrna Beach amid social media backlash

“Somebody was told to turn the brick over because it was offensive to people,” said Casey’s daughter Donna Lee. She managed to get the brick back after a contractor removed it.

“How many times do I walk by something that I don’t like am I gonna complain about it? No, I just look the other way and say, ‘Well I ‘m not gonna walk there again,'” Casey said. “They are just stirring the pot.”

On the Flagler Avenue Business Association website, where the bricks can be bought, there are no guidelines, only cost and sample bricks.

“I came here because this was a country, of the free and the brave,” Casey said. “It doesn’t seem like we are free anymore and if we don’t speak up against this bullying, so to speak, we’re not brave anymore either.”

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