North Carolina Republicans vote to override a budget veto while Democrats were at a 9/11 ceremony

While North Carolina Democrats were remembering the lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001, their Republican colleagues took advantage of their absence and voted to override the governor’s budget veto Wednesday morning.

North Carolina House Republicans called for a “surprise vote” while Gov. Roy Cooper (D) and many House members were attending a 9/11 memorial event, Cooper said at a news conference.

“Today, on the 18th anniversary of 9/11, while the state was honoring first responders, Republicans called a deceptive surprise override of my budget veto,” Cooper said. “Unfortunately, it’s the people of North Carolina who lose.”

House Democratic leader Darren Jackson told reporters that he told his caucus members they didn’t need to be in attendance, and that state Rep. David Lewis (R) gave Jackson his word that there would be no votes, according to the News and Observer. Jackson said he wants Lewis, who is chairman of the Rules, Calendar and Operations Committee, to recall the veto before it reaches the Senate.

Republicans were unable to override the veto for about two months — as long as Democrats were present in the chamber, Cooper said.

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