Free Greta Thunberg From Her Cruel Political Exploitation By Leftists

Approved ~ AA

Leave that poor Swedish kid alone, you climate hoax-mongering ghouls. Stop hiding behind Greta Thunberg’s Pippi Longstocking braids and come out and push your damnable globaloney warming lies yourself, jerks. Free Greta.

There’s no excuse, none, for this shameless and despicable exploitation of a vulnerable girl. What kind of person would do that to a child? The kind that considers other people collateral damage in their quest for a leftist utopia. Everyone else gets to pick up the pieces when our useless elite breaks a few eggs along the way. Big Chief Warren, Totally-Not-Doddering Joe and the rest of the Democrat clown carpool have all signed on to banning fracking, which would literally strip the livelihood from 10 million (non-blue coastal city-dwelling and Democrat-voting) Americans, so you can be sure the left won’t hesitate to sacrifice this terrified Scandinavian child to their meteorological Moloch.

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