SCOTUS delivers big Trump win and implicit rebuke to San Francisco federal judge’s 50-state injunction on asylum rules change

In a very unusual move, the Supreme Court bypassed the lower courts and issued a decision vacating an injunction issued by Judge Jon Tigar of the San Francisco Federal District Court (who normally sits in the Oakland Federal Courthouse), prohibiting implementation of new rules on asylum. Adam Liptak reports in the New York Times:

The Supreme Court, in a brief, unsigned order, said the administration may enforce new rules that generally forbid asylum applications from migrants who have traveled through another country on their way to the United States without being denied asylum in that country.

The court’s order was a major victory for the administration, allowing it to enforce a policy that will achieve one of its central goals: effectively barring most migration across the nation’s southwestern border by Hondurans, Salvadorans, Guatemalans and others. Mexican migrants, who need not travel through another country to reach the United States, are not affected by the new policy.

This is the second time that Judge Tigar has been overruled in his effort to dictate to the entire nation that a presidential policy not be allowed to take effect because he doesn’t like it. Jared Samilow of Legal Insurrection explains:

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