Trouble on Air Trudeau, where the media is a real menace

It’s a common complaint: Justin Trudeau’s too elitist. He doesn’t understand everyday Canadians. Needs to be more grounded. So here we are, Day Two of the federal election, and those critics got their wish: Trudeau was literally grounded, his campaign airplane damaged by his own party’s media bus in Victoria, B.C, mere hours after the writ dropped. In a Shakespearean metaphor where the Liberals prove their own worst enemy—after the SNC-Lavalin scandal and that embarrassing India trip and that recent flop appearance on Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix show—the Grits are now actually crashing into each other. His team quickly secured a backup plane, so Trudeau is back on schedule, but only after the Tory Twitterverse had its fun. One particularly good jab: “I assume the bus was swerving to avoid whoever Trudeau was throwing under it.”

Picture Sean Kilpatrick/CP

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