Voting Republican (Conservative) Equals Voting for God.

Trump Says “We Have To Be ‘Very Careful’ About Bahamian Refugees”…

Yesterday, I heard someone on TV say, “For some people, voting Republican is the same as voting for God.” That simple claim struck me as very interesting, though I think I have believed it, subconsciously, all along. And I think many conservatives do indeed think that way.

If you look at some core principles of the base Republican Party, there is a lot of religious crossover. In general, the party is anti-gay including anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, and pro-Capitalism versus more socialistic economic programs.

But aren’t two of Jesus’s main messages to “love your neighbor” and “help the poor?” I don’t think abortion (pre-birth) is mentioned in the Bible. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

It seems to me there are some mixed messages coming out of the conservative side of the political aisle, when it comes to religious values; in particular, the values of Jesus versus Christianity writ large.

Do you agree with the title here? Argue your case.

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