When it Comes to Allies, Americans Get It


New polling reveals Trump’s disparagement of U.S. allies remains a bridge too far for most Americans — and it should remain so.

Over the last three years, Americans have become familiar enough with President Donald Trump’s ideas and impulses about U.S. foreign policy. Trade protectionism, embraces with autocrats, a more adversarial approach to China, and a global military pullback — each was a rare idea in Washington just a few years ago. Now, each has fierce advocates, often on both sides of the aisle.


As they have for decades, a majority of Americans still want the United States to take an active role in the world. In fact, as the newly released 2019 Chicago Council Survey shows, 69 percent of Americans support an active role for the United States. It is among the largest percentages recorded since polling began in 1974. Close to two thirds of Americans — including Republicans and Democrats — disagree with the direction of U.S. foreign policy.

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