An Atheist’s Devotion to a Higher Power



I’m an atheist, but I do have faith in a higher power that I insist is greater than all the rest. In that, I’m like the religious and spiritual who insist that theirs is the highest and get irritable when challenged.

But no, the higher power I bow down to really is higher than all the rest. Indeed, everyone knows it, though not everyone admits it. Some people pretend that some other God is higher, but in practice, they show way more daily devotion to my higher power.

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And well they should. My higher power is merciless with those who defy it. It’s neither jealous nor compassionate. It wants nothing. It makes no effort to achieve anything. It is thoroughly dispassionate. It doesn’t care whether we live or die. It’s not rooting for or against any of us.


The higher power I bow down to goes by a few names: Reality, truth, nature—sometimes mother nature, though its maternal instincts are not to be relied upon.

My higher power is reality. Science is how I pray to it, trying to guess ever better its heartless ways.

<b>Does the author of this OP ED have a valid point?  Is reality the one true higher state of being that should be our guide and should  understanding it  be our one true goal?</b>

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