Trump BFF Judge Jeanine Pirro Gets Shamed On Live TV For Spreading Anti-Immigrant Hate

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FOX’s Judge Jeanine Pirro appeared on C-SPAN recently and things took a lively turn when a caller named Carol from Texas had a few things to say to her.

The caller did not mince words, calling out Pirro, Fox News, and President Trump for their xenophobic rhetoric and its deadly ramifications in a rant that was as eloquent as it was blistering.

“Our president and our beautiful First Lady, they went down to El Paso, Texas and they posed with a baby that the President’s rhetoric, FOX News’ rhetoric, your rhetoric had helped to orphan.”

“I think this thing about Trump is making America great again? Trump has made America hate again.”

He went on to point out the way that xenophobia results in violence and the death of Americans, citing the El Paso shooting that claimed 22 lives in September as an example.

“And it’s this hatred of races. I hear it all the time when I talk to Republicans and they say ‘oh I went down to Texas and there were all these Mexicans down there and they were all speaking Spanish. Well I got news for you: Those weren’t Mexicans, those were the Americans. That guy that went down to El Paso to shoot a bunch of Mexicans he shot a bunch of Americans.”

He called out Pirro directly saying she should know better than to engage in “anti-immigrant, anti-people with brown skin rhetoric” which he called “demeaning.”

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