A giant rat balloon with features resembling Trump greeted Republicans for the president’s visit to Baltimore

An inflatable, giant rat with features resembling Donald Trump’s greeted lawmakers as the president traveled to Baltimore on Thursday for a speech at an annual congressional Republican retreat.

The balloon, which held a cellphone and bore Trump-like hair, was positioned on top of a vehicle with a sticker that said “Fight Fascism, Stop Trump.”

Throughout the day, protesters gathered around the effigy and deployed other visual aids for their political statements, including a street sign labeled “BARACK OBAMA AVE” under the actual street name, “S. PRESIDENT STREET,” according to CBS Baltimore.

Protesters held signs that said, “Trump and the GOP are the real rats” and “Welcome rat king,” the Associated Press reported.

US Secret Service and police officers reportedly patrolled the area amid the protests, which were a few blocks away from the Republican-sponsored event at the Waterfront Marriott.

Article URL : https://www.politico.com/2020-election/candidates-views-on-the-issues/

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