America Needs Jobs, Not Chinese Imports

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I will not go into too much detail on this point as I have written about it ad nauseam. Suffice it to say that the Washington Post does not appear to have the faintest understanding of how tariffs actually work—they really do seem to think tariffs are just sales taxes.

Lastly, global free trade is underpinned by the theory of comparative advantage. The problem for free traders—of which they are blissfully unaware—is that comparative advantage is domain-specific, meaning that it only applies when certain preconditions are satisfied.

One of these preconditions is that capital is immobile, i.e. industries cannot simply pick up and move from country to country. Obviously, capital is mobile—American factories move to China all the time. As such, comparative advantage does not apply and free trade lacks any sort of theoretical justification.

The only reason the Washington Post or Conservatism, Inc. support free trade is because they are ignorant, or on the payroll of the international banks who are profiteering America’s dispossession.

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