Fact check: Trump blasts media for reporting he’d meet with Iran with no pre-conditions — but he said that, publicly

In a tweet on Sunday, President Donald Trump said, “The Fake News is saying that I am willing to meet with Iran, ‘No Conditions.’ That is an incorrect statement (as usual!).”

It is possible that Trump’s position had just changed. But journalists were reporting the position he and his top officials had repeatedly expressed over the previous 14 months.
Facts FirstTrump said in June 2019 and in July 2018 that he would meet with Iran with “no pre-conditions.” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin both said the same — five days before this tweet.
Trump has a history of accusing media outlets of “fake news” for reports that are accurate.
Here’s a timeline of instances in which Trump and senior administration officials said he was willing to meet with Iran with no pre-conditions:
June 23, 2019: Trump said he was not looking for war but that Iran cannot have a nuclear weapon. He added, “You want to talk? Good.” Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” asked him, “No pre-conditions?” Trump responded, “Not as far as I’m concerned. No pre-conditions.”
June 23, 2019: Vice President Mike Pence told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “The President of the United States has made it clear we’re prepared to talk to Iran without pre-conditions.”

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