New York Times Falsely Claims 7 People Back up Ramirez Against Kavanaugh

The disgraced New York Times is spreading the fake news Brett Kavanaugh accuser Debora Ramirez has seven people who back up her assault claim.

This is a lie.

In other words, someone shoves an erect penis into a woman’s face AT A PARTY and NO ONE saw it. There is not a single witness who has come forward to say, Yeah I saw that.

I’m 53 years-old, I have never seen anyone do such a thing, which means I have never forgotten stuff a lot less memorable.

What’s more, the only actual witnesses, the only people who could actually corroborate the claim, say it never happened!

So all seven of these so-called sources who the Times says can corroborate Ramirez’s story … do not corroborate Ramirez’s story. And if you want to include the alleged victim, who couldn’t remember anything for 35 years, that makes eight.

The Times is smearing a family man based only on gossip, hearsay, and cryptic something-somethings about something-something-somethings, when this family man has witnesses who back up his denial.

On top of this, in that same article, the Times was caught lying about having found a new Kavanaugh victim when the exact opposite is true. The Times actually announced it had found a new Kavanaugh when the so-called victim says she doesn’t remember being assaulted by Kavanaugh.

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