Corey Lewandoski ROASTS Democrats during testimony: If Spygate was done to ‘different president’ and ‘different party’ people ‘would be in jail’

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Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski appeared on Capitol Hill Tuesday as the first “witness” in Democrats’ crap “impeachment” inquiry into President Donald Trump, the most persecuted and least guilty president in two generations.

There was a moment when Lewandowski let Democrats have it with both barrels, saying — truthfully — that if a Republican president had attempted a coup against a Democratic president, then that president would have been driven out of office by now and people who worked on his behalf would already be in jail.

Boy, is he spot-on.

Without a doubt, Trump has been treated worse than any president in modern history by the garbage Deep State and their Democrat allies in the shit “mainstream” media. Even elements of the intelligence community have been co-opted.

If Bill Barr is serious about restoring integrity to the Justice Department and FBI, he needs to start busting some balls and indicting some mofos for sedition.

We can’t survive as a republic with two sets of rules — one for the elite and one for the rest of us. Doesn’t matter which party you vote for.


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