Money From Nothing: Democrats’ Socialism for Free

But can the government make money from nothing, give it to people for nothing and still expect people to trust and rely on the money for their savings and transactions?

Trust is intangible and mutable; trust derives from assessment of the behavior and character of the other. Trust takes ages to develop but can be lost in an instant. The dollar is intangible; its sole source of value is trust in the U.S.; and therefore its value depends on, and changes with, how the government manages itself and the money it creates.

Ask yourself:  Can you trust any of the 2020 Democrats with a button that instantly and invisibly creates infinite amounts of money? While Quantitative Easing worked for a variety of reasons in the wake of the 2008 crisis, it would be foolish to bet our dollar and our prosperity that money from nothing empowers Democrats to achieve socialism for free.


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