With Brett Kavanaugh debacle, The New York Times becomes a dangerous misinformation tool of the left

Here’s the bottom line: The New York Times deliberately withheld information that shot holes in their salacious story. The authors knew it, the editors knew it, and yet they did it anyway. The goal — take down a Supreme Court justice, an effort that failed the last time they tried.

So deep is the hatred for President Trump that a once-great newspaper is now sinking so low as to omit key facts just to damage the president. The Times now is publishing unverified gossip under the guise of news reporting, and even omitting facts that unravel its flimsy “bombshell.”

The Times’ motto, tucked in the upper left ear of the print edition for the last 115 years, reads “All The News That’s Fit To Print.” But after what they did Sept. 15, 2019, they should change that to “If You’re Looking For Facts, You Won’t Find Them Here.”

The New York Times is dead. And that ain’t fake news.

Article URL : https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/sep/17/with-brett-kavanaugh-debacle-the-new-york-times-be/

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